Grew up in the 23rd district of Vienna with a view of the “Wienerwald” and at the border to the wine village of Perchtoldsdorf at the northern end of the “Thermenregion” in Lower Austria. After graduating from high school, studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and founded an IT company in 1998. 2004 “Basic Seminar” at the Austrian Wine Academy on the Silberberg in Styria. 2016 Founded the company “die Verkosterei Gmbh” and implemented gastro projects, catering, tastings, trading in gourmet products and selected wines. Since 2018 partner and brewmaster of “P3 Perchtoldsdorfer Privatbräu Gmbh” and since 2021 “Beer Sommelier”. 2019 Completion of the “Advanced Seminar 1+2” at the Wine Academy. July 2020 Start of the “Weinakademiker Diploma” similar to “WSET Level 4 Diploma” and graduation in February 2023 with the award of the title “Weinakademiker” by the Board of  the Wine Academy Austria.